About 5000 Million MT of dry bulk cargo is moving around the globe in about 11,000 Bulk Carrier. The sector remains widely based upon local practises, which furthermore varies from company to company and Person in charge to another.
A need to streamline or atleast reach a common commercial understanding is still awaited. Bimco tries same but COMMERCIAL as we all know overrides....

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Port Services

The Ports are the nerve points of the logistics chain....


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Safety & Commerical Balance

The Human Element With Commercial Angle ....From Captain's Desk


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What We Offer

Shipping industry being worldwide business, is subject to various laws, rules & regulations and most of the times it is impossible for any single person or even a team to acquire full knowledge and expertise. More over, as it is always said that WARS are well fought without using a gun, similarly commercial problems & dispute resolutions are well solved without opening the rule books.

To achieve this the rule is simple, the factors like cost , strength, weakness, risk & reward have to be analysed.
A prudent judgement based on analyses of these point yields an optimized & executable commercial solution and thus may be on face of it looks that we lost the battle but the WAR IS ALWAYS WON

In the sections below the shipping is broadly categorized based upon the cargo they carry and further specific points about the trade.

Our specific services can be utilized, once the requirement are more specific, for which please contact us....................



Whenever approaching a problem or Question, provided the context is known & considering time bar, try to follow below steps to reach a conclusion.

  • What is the: Question & Context
  • What is the direct answer to the Question: THE DATA
  • Analyses of DATA in light of context
  • Assumptions (if any) made in reaching conclusion
  • Conclusion (typically highlight the worst & best-case scenario considering time/money/opportunity/Exposure and other factors)
  • Review/monitoring & backup plan
  • Consider Escalation


  • Once clarity is there on the problem & its exposure it can be either handled at individual level our has to be discussed further, such as pear teams or external references, who can assist in various ways such as technical, legal, commercial, etc.


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