Wx perf claim are the most common reason of dispute during charter party finalization. Reason being of various elements involved, for example

  1. Different Owners
  2. Different weather routing companies
  3. Weather routing companies sourcing weather data from various weather stations
  4. Weather routing companies using their own algorithms to evaluate the weather data , to derive weather at ships position
  5. Different interpretation of charter party terms

The worst way to resolve these dispute is to initiate legal as till date the process of evaluating vessel performance at sea is still an art and yet to become a science.

Based on our experience and expertise, we can be of assistance in

  1. Evaluating
  2. Countering
  3. Negotiating
  4. Settlement

Of the Wx perf claim and thus CONTACT US with relevant details

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These are primarily originating from Charter party terms misinterpretation or disputes/non clarity of  Statement of facts (SOF)

Charter Party Terms, sometime lack clarity on

  1. NOR tendering & acceptance
  2. Turn time
  3. Laytime Exclusions
  4. Force Majeure
  5. Draft survey times
  6. Hatch opening & closing times
  7. Bad weather exclusions

Statement of facts are sometimes prepared not properly and don’t give clarity on

  1. Crane failure times
  2. Barges/trucks/shore facility non – availability
  3. Exact recording of bad weather timings
  4. Vessel inward movement timings

These disputes need to be read exactly as per the CP terms and SOF and in case of some clarifications requires specific questions needs to be asked to Master & the vessel agents.


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